Our Couple’s Ministry is vibrant, creative and full of fun and laughter. The annual Marriage Enrichment weekend helps to strengthen marriages and provides an opportunity for renewed commitment to the covenant relationship.

More than 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce. So often, our most prized possession is neglected. Maintaining this healthy union can be a challenge and although it isn’t easy, there is hope. Marriage is God designed to be a loving, fulfilling and lasting relationship – enjoying a spouse with whom you can share life’s intimate joys and sorrows.

Churches need strong families and strong families need strong marriages. Our Couples Ministry endeavors to teach married couples to build on the greatest gift that God has given to us, as well as teach singles considering marriage to develop the right spirit and attitude towards the marriage covenant and to properly prepare to be the husband or wife God has designed them to be. It provides tools for relationship building God’s way. His design is for the two to become one – One heart, One spirit and of One mind.